EFESydney, Australia

Chileans in Australia Wednesday welcomed a Sydney court decision to reject an appeal against the extradition of Adriana Rivas, an ex-secret police agent during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Those who celebrated the court decision included activists and relatives of seven people allegedly kidnapped by Rivas, wanted in her country on charges of kidnapping.

“We demand that, once she arrives in Chile, (and) given her past record, Rivas remains in detention during the trial, which we hope will end with an exemplary verdict," the families of the victims said in a statement issued by their lawyer, Adriana Navarro, outside the Federal Court in Sydney.

The reaction, which was met by applause and cheers by a group of Chilean activists who carried the photographs of the victims, came after the Federal Court of Australia rejected her appeal and ruled that she was extraditable for the seven charges of aggravated kidnapping she faces in Chile.

“I am very happy (...) we have waited a long time for this good news,” Juana Mendoza told EFE outside the court.

María Oróstegui, a Mapuche woman detained and tortured when she was 17, hoped Rivas would be extradited and "locked up" in a secure jail.