Colombia's Anti-drug Police on Sunday arrested a Brazilian woman carrying 320 grams of cocaine hidden in her underclothing at the Cartagena international airport as she was intending to board a flight to Switzerland.

The woman, identified as Luciana da Costa Estefani, 45 years of age and a resident of Cachoeiro do Sul, in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state, was intending to travel to Zurich, police said in a statement.

Da Costa attracted the attention of airport authorities because she was dressed in a winter coat, an unusual situation given the high temperature in Cartagena, a coastal city on the Caribbean Sea, the report added.

Upon being questioned, she said that she had gotten cold in her hotel's air conditioning, but that response did not convince the police, who then took her to an X-ray facility, where an examination revealed that she was carrying the cocaine in small plastic packages hidden in her brassiere.