Indonesian authorities reported Wednesday they have recovered three bodies after a ferry in sank in Lake Toba on Sumatra island on Monday, while as the number of missing has climbed.

During the first hours after the accident, 18 people were rescued and one body was recovered.

Two more bodies have been recovered by rescue teams, raising the death toll to three, spokesperson for the National Search and Rescue agency in Medan Hisan Turnip told EFE.

Hisan added that according to reports of relatives submitted to authorities, at least 207 people were onboard the ferry - far more than the 80 thought initially.

The overloaded ferry did not have a passenger log, making it difficult to specify the exact number of missing, National Agency for Disaster Management spokesperson Purwo Nugroho told EFE.

The Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics also reported that its regional office issued two extreme weather alerts hours before the ferry capsized.

The accident occurred on Monday afternoon when the vessel was traveling between Tigaras on the shore and Samosir Island (6 kilometers/4 miles) amid high waves and bad weather that halted rescue operations that night.

Hundreds of police, army and rescue personnel are still carrying out rescue operations with remote-operated vehicles, although there has been no update on the number of survivors since Tuesday morning.

Last week, at least 16 people died when another boat sank near the southern coast of Celebes Island in the central region of the archipelago.

Indonesia records more accidents during the holiday period following Ramadan when millions of people travel the country, putting pressure on precarious infrastructure.

The touristic Lake Toba is located in the crater of a supervolcano that erupted around 74,000 years ago.

Ferries are a major means of transport in the Indonesian archipelago, which comprises more than 17,000 islands and has a population of more than 260 million inhabitants.