EFEMexico City

The death toll from last week's attack by suspected members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion on a military helicopter in the western Mexican state of Jalisco has risen to eight after a female Federal Police officer succumbed to her injuries, officials said.

The National Security Commission, which oversees the Federal Police, made the announcement Thursday.

Seven soldiers also died in the May 1 attack, with the Defense Secretariat confirming the most recent fatality on Wednesday.

Also Thursday, President Enrique Peña Nieto led a posthumous tribute to the fallen soldiers in which he expressed his condolences to their family members.

Sixteen soldiers and two Federal Police officers were riding in the Cougar helicopter and pursuing a cartel convoy when the chopper was brought down with a rocket-propelled grenade, National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido told Mexican media outlets earlier this week.

Last Friday, Mexican federal forces launched "Operation Jalisco," a security initiative aimed at dismantling the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion by capturing its top leaders.

The heavily armed gang responded by setting up 39 roadblocks and burning commercial establishments and vehicles in 25 municipalities in the state, leading to clashes that left 17 dead.

Jalisco Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval, however, denied late Thursday that the bolstered presence of federal forces means that the state "is being militarized."