A medical NGO announced Tuesday that it would be leaving Yemen due to the intensification of the conflict.

Doctors of the World released a statement saying it would be abandoning its mission in Yemen due to the difficulty and danger it posed to its volunteers.

"After peace negotiations were suspended on Aug. 6, fighting and aerial attacks have intensified, making humanitarian activities almost impossible," said the statement.

All medical personnel are to be evacuated, it continued.

According to the statement, 80 percent of civilians are in need of urgent aid and around 25 percent of health centers have been destroyed or are no longer functioning.

It adds that almost half the country's population has severe food insecurity.

In compliance with international human rights, the deployment of humanitarian aid and access to injured civilians must be facilitated," said the NGO.

Doctors of the World was based in Sana'a and aimed to restore medical infrastructures that had been damaged by bombings and to offer primary medical care to all civilians.

Yemen has been gripped by civil war since 2015, as the Shia-led Houthi movement and the predominantly Sunni forces loyal to beleaguered President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi fight for power in the country.