A dog that was rescued by oil rig workers more than 200 kilometers (125 miles) off the coast of Thailand was in good health on Wednesday and is set to be adopted by one of its rescuers.

Boonrod, whose new name can be translated as "miraculous survivor," is being looked after at the 2 Talay clinic on land after nearly perishing in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

"He is very happy and can eat now," Saratsa Wadi, an employee at the veterinary clinic situated in Songkhla province in the south of Thailand, told EFE.

An animal-rights activist said that Boonrod would be adopted by Vitisak Payalaw, one of the workers on the oil rig platform who rescued him, and taken to Vitisak's home province of Khon Kaen in northeastern Thailand by the end of the month.

The animal, a brown mixed-breed pup thought to be under two years of age, was spotted paddling out at sea by workers of the rig on Friday.

They managed to rescue the dog with the help of a rope and found him to be suffering from dehydration and exhausted by its efforts to swim to safety.

Media reports have speculated that the canine may have fallen from a fishing boat.

Visibly recovering and wearing a wreath of yellow flowers, Boonrod was brought to land on a boat on Monday and kept at the veterinary clinic in Songkhla.

"Inspiration of 2019. Boonrod, a beautiful life rescued from Gulf of Thailand," nonprofit Watchdog Thailand said on its Facebook profile along with photos and videos of the dog, which has honey-colored eyes and could be seen being cared for in recovery.