efe-epaPalu, Indonesia

Electricity and gasoline supplies were partially restored in Palu, the main town of Sulawesi island affected by the earthquake and tsunami on Sep. 28 that has left at least 1,234 people dead, official sources said on Wednesday.

Electricity is now available in 30 percent of the city, including the Balaroa and Tipo neighborhoods and the Anutapura Palu hospital, Sarjan Mokodomgan, an employee of the state-owned electricity company Perusahaan Listrik Negara, told EFE.

Gasoline distribution began on Wednesday morning, according to an EFE journalist on the ground, after at least a dozen tanker trunks arrived on Tuesday night with more fuel.

Several neighbors told EFE that more fuel supplies have arrived, but they need to be allocated not only to vehicles but also power generators that replace the damaged electrical network.

The lack of fuel, water and food has led to robbery in shops and gas stations in recent days, according to local police reports.

Indonesian authorities and various local and international organizations are working to bring humanitarian aid and medical assistance to those affected, including the nearly 800 injured and over 61,000 displaced people in evacuation camps.

According to the Health Ministry´s coordination center in Palu, more than 160 doctors working in 20 teams have been dispatched throughout the affected area, although there is still a lack of medicines and specialists.

Rescue teams continued to search for survivors and victims, as well as try to reach the areas that are hardest to access to as they were blocked by building debris and mud.

These areas include Petobo and Sigi Biromaru municipality, both located south of Palu, which is the city most affected by the catastrophe along with Donggala.

Palu and Donggala have a combined population of 600,000.