Representatives of the European Union in Jerusalem and Ramallah decried the increasing number of demolitions in the occupied West Bank and called for an end to these operations.

The EU mission to the area expressed its "deep concern," as 120 people, including 76 children, will be affected after dozens of houses are raised to the ground in the West Bank, such as Area C, which is under Israeli administrative and military control.

On Monday, Israeli bulldozers demolished the homes of 78 people.

The mission's statement also condemned resumed construction of the separation wall in the Palestinian Cremisan Valley near Bethlehem even though the Supreme Court overturned the decision and called on the Israeli government to reconsider the measure.

If the wall is completed, roughly 58 Palestinian families will not be able to reach their farmlands and their way of live will be profoundly affected, according to the statement.

The EU mission again asked Israel for a "fundamental" change in policy in the occupied Palestinian territory.