The president of the European Commission urged on Monday strong action against fake news posted on Facebook and other social networks via the internet.

Jean-Claude Juncker indicated that Facebook and Google must develop systems to combat false information, since credibility should be their greatest asset.

The chief of EC thus joins recent anti-fake news appeals made by both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the outgoing president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

Juncker added that social networks must properly assume their obligation to fight manipulations of information, warning that the implementation of the appropriate measures in this regard will be rigorously monitored.

A few days ago, German justice minister and social democrat Heiko Maas urged prosecutors and judges to act with determination against the dissemination of false news and especially against defamation or manipulation on social networks.

For his part, Schulz also asked, in recent remarks to German media, for a European regulation to combat the spread of false news on the internet.