EFEPanama City

Panama, one of the countries in Central America to have suffered the most cases of Covid-19, is entering a new phase in the fight against the pandemic focusing on learning to live with the virus, a situation that eventually will mean administering annual vaccinations against the coronavirus, Health Minister Luis Francisco Sucre told EFE.

"Panama has been evolving, maturing, and ultimately what we need to do is learn to live with this virus. We're possibly going to have to have an annual vaccination, like happens with the flu. And to learn to coexist (with Covid) we've got to take measures," the head of the Health Ministry (Minsa) said.

That is why starting on July 11 Panama will eliminate its facemask requirement. This measure, which was imposed in June 2020, was partially lifted in March for open-air spaces where people are not gathered in large crowds.