A female lawmaker with the governing Alianza Pais movement identified as M.E.G. was arrested for allegedly receiving $800,000 from a company that supplied infrastructure services to the state, Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas announced Monday.

Glas said that he had reported the situation last week to the Attorney General's Office, which also arrested an AP activist identified as M.S.B. in the northwestern city of Esmeraldas and W.T.P.C. in Ibarra.

It is prohibited under Ecuadorian law to reveal the names of the arrested people.

The vice president said that the expulsion of M.E.G. and M.S.B. from the AP party will be requested, calling them "traitors" to the process of the Citizens Revolution, which has a "zero tolerance" policy on corruption, according to the daily El Telegrafo in its online addition.

The National Assembly will also be asked to expel the lawmaker, who is under arrest while the investigation is being conducted.

She was arrested on Sunday in Quito, said the AG's Office in a communique in which it also confirmed the arrests of the other two people.

The hearing to present charges will be held in the National Court of Justice, given that M.E.G. occupies a high public office, the AG's Office said.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced on Sunday during his annual speech discussing the nation's finances, that in the coming hours "a serious case of corruption in the ranks of the Citizens Revolution" would be made public.

"It fills us with shame. We offer apologies to the country. We will face the political cost," said the president without providing any further details.