efe-epaAthens, Jul 17

According to a study published Monday by a sociological Greek research center, 48 percent of Greek youth aged 18-35 remain financially dependant on their parents.

A report published by diaNEOsis, a Greek research center, within the framework of the EU Cupesse project, and heavily reported by the Hellenic press, states the percentage of Greek youth able to subsist on its own income totals only 44.5 percent of the 18-35 age group.

A majority of the Greek youth survey respondents contacted considered "improbable" the likelihood of finding a job in the next six months.

Some 36 percent believed their lives will be worse than that of their parents versus 29 percent that considered their lives will improve while a further 35 percent thought their quality of life would remain the same.

Also, 41 percent of them were willing to considerate migrating to find a job.

The study covered 1,500 respondents aged 18-36 from across Greece and their feedback reflected that those with a higher educational level tended to participate less in collective action, had less faith in state institutions and were less religiously inclined than the previous generation of their parents.

In Greece, the unemployment rate among the 20-24 age group stands at 45 percent and the 25-29 age group averages 33,6 percent according to Q1 2017 data published by Elstat, the Greek statistical office.