efe-epaGaza, Dec 20

The Islamist organization Hamas detained Salafist militants who were allegedly responsible for launching rockets against Israel in recent days, sources close to the organization confirmed to EFE on Wednesday.

According to the sources, intelligence units from Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, arrested 14 fundamentalist Islamist militia members last Monday.

Since the United States' President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital on Dec. 6, more than 20 missiles were launched from Gaza at Israel, 14 of which either hit or were intercepted by Israel, military sources confirmed to EFE.

One of Israel's leading media experts on military and defense issues, Amos Harel, said in an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Hamas had captured many Salafist militants, with the intent to deter them from launching rockets against Israel and to send a message that "it does not seek an escalation" regarding recent events.

However, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas' political leader, had called for a third intifada (uprising) against Israel earlier this month in response to Trump's recent decision.

Official Hamas sources in Gaza would not comment on the information in Haaretz and refused to provide any further information.