EFECancun, Mexico

A senior Quintana Roo state government official and his bodyguard were killed in the southeastern Mexican resort city of Cancun, the state attorney general said.

Speaking at a press conference, state AG Arturo Alvarez Escalera said a luxury pick-up truck carrying Quintana Roo Director General of Internal Affairs Isaias Capeline Lizarraga and his bodyguard, Angel Casillas, came under armed attack at midday Thursday in an area of schools and subdivisions.

More than 40 shell casings from high-caliber weapons were found at the crime scene, he said.

"We know (the assailants) were riding in two vehicles and that the two attackers who fired the shots stepped down from them. One of them fired 29 times and the other 14 times while the pickup truck (carrying Capeline) was in motion," Alvarez said.

The state attorney general said an investigation was under way and that evidence indicates the attack was organized crime-related, but he dismissed any links between the murders and Tuesday's escape of 10 "highly dangerous" inmates from the Cancun prison.

Thursday's double murder follows the recent killing of Victorino Mata Ramirez, one of Capeline's close associates.

Twenty-nine homicides have been reported thus far this year in Cancun, most attributed to score-settling among criminal groups, Alvarez said.