Yemen's Houthi rebels have regained the international airport of Hudaydah, a Yemeni coastal city on the Red Sea, hours after government forces had it under their controlled, according to a pro-rebel television channel Sunday.

Hundreds of Houthi militias, who are backed by Iran, forced the government troops to withdraw after intense clashes Saturday night, according to al-Masirah.

The government forces, who controlled the airport Saturday with the support of the Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition, withdrew to the south and east of the airport.

This development took place on the fifth day of a government offensive to seize the strategic city, whose port is one of the main entry points for essential supplies to the country.

Yemen has been suffering the most pressing humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.

Since late 2014, Yemen remains immersed in a bloody civil war, after the Houthi rebels seized both its capital Sana'a and its northern and western regions, while the conflict intensified in March 2015 after the intervened of the Arab coalition.