Thousands of couples in the Philippines and Thailand joined the millions around the world celebrating Valentine's Day by tying the knot at mass ceremonies on Wednesday.

At a wedding in Bacoor City, just south of the Philippine capital Manila, 106 couples gathered to exchange vows and rings.

While the atmosphere was celebratory, the mass wedding stayed true to tradition, with some struggling to stay awake during the lengthy sermons, an epa journalist in Bacoor reports.

In typically Filipino fashion, the newlyweds were driven from the ceremony in cycle rickshaws, known locally as pedicabs.

The wedding in Bacoor was one of many being held across the country, with over 5,000 couples estimated to tie the knot in groups of one to two hundred.

Many of the ceremonies were being officiated by local politicians hoping to gather support ahead of the upcoming elections in May.

Meanwhile in Bangkok, a city which has been suffering from poor air quality over recent days, the air was filled with not just smog, but the love of hundreds of couples who gathered for an annual mass marriage license ceremony.

Unlike in Bacoor, where participants were clad in white, the Bangkok event held to bring in the "Season of Love" was less formal, and more an administrative procedure than a religious ceremony.

Last year, nearly 700 couples joined the group celebration.