Hundreds of students took to the streets to protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday in a march that made its way for four kilometers (2.5 miles) through eastern Caracas and which was convened by the federation of universities and Central Venezuelan University (FCU-UCV).

"We're undertaking this struggle here in Caracas and throughout the country with demonstrations, showing that Venezuela is not silent, it's not in submission, it's not desperate, but rather it's on its feet and fighting for democracy and freedom," FCU-UCV president Hasler Iglesias told reporters.

The student leader said that the protest marks the beginning of "a new phase of struggle," adding that students will continue marching "with courage in a situation in which the government wants Venezuela to keep silent, to be occupied with day to day problems."

"The Venezuelan people are going to defeat a dictatorship that says it has all the power but has lost the support of the people," he said.

Participating in the protest were Yaneth Diaz and Roberto Redman, the mother and father, respectively, of two of the three people who died in the violence surrounding the huge anti-government march convened by the opposition on Feb. 12, 2014, a demonstration that resulted in opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez being sentenced to almost 14 years behind bars.

Also participating in the protest were activists from parties like Popular Will, founded by Lopez, and First Justice.

The marchers made their way along a big Caracas highway and ended up at a church where a Mass was celebrated in memory of the people who died three years ago in the huge protest staged at that time.