The prime minister of Pakistan on Wednesday compared his Indian counterpart with Adolf Hitler over the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and blockade of the region.

Imran Khan also warned he would respond to any attack on his territory by "ten folds."

"What Modi is doing in Kashmir like Hitler's final solution," Khan said in Muzaffarabad before the provincial assembly in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

Khan made his statements during the 72nd anniversary celebrations of Pakistan's independence from the British Empire and its separation from India, which were this year dedicated to Kashmir, a disputed region divided between the two countries over which two wars have been fought.

"Hitler had arrogance and Modi's arrogance is no different," Khan added, comparing the radical Hindu ideology to Nazism.

"In this ideology, like the Nazis, the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India was also included," Khan said, in reference to Kashmir being the only Muslim majority region in a Hindu majority India.

Khan also warned Modi that Pakistan and its military was ready to respond to any attack from India.

"I am telling Modi that if you try a skirmish, we will respond ten folds. We will not tolerate any violation and are fully ready to counter it," the Pakistani prime minister said.

He further said: "If this region goes to war, the world will be responsible."

At the same time, Indian authorities have imposed security restrictions which for the past 10 days have left the people of Kashmir valley completely cut off, as well as carried out hundreds of arrests and ensured heavy presence of the military with nearly 25,000 security agents guarding Indian Kashmir.

Pakistan responded to the action by "downgrading" diplomatic relations with India and decided to suspend bilateral trade and revise all the agreements between the two countries.

On Tuesday, Pakistan appealed to the United Nations Security Council for an emergency meeting over India's decision.

Demonstrations have been carried out across Pakistan over the Indian government's approach to Kashmir and on the streets of Islamabad and other cities the Kashmiri flag flew alongside the Pakistani one. EFE-EPA