The Islamic State group claimed today responsibility for the armed attack that took place on Thursday against Egypt's Three Pyramids Hotel in Haram Street in Giza, and noted that the attack was targeting a "tourist bus that had Jews on board," which was parked outside the building.

In a statement published on jihadist online blogs, the terrorist group noted that the attack was carried out by using light weapons, and resulted in "deaths and injuries among the Jews and forces that were guarding the hotel," which was denied by the Egyptian authorities on Thursday.

The jihadist statement explained that the assailants escaped the scene safely, unlike the version of the Egyptian authorities, which confirmed that one of the attackers was arrested.

Sherif Mohamed, manager of the Three Pyramids Hotel, told EFE that the attackers only managed to break the bus's windows, which was not even the main target of the attack, according to Mohamed's account.

He added that surveillance cameras recorded the incident which lasted only for a minute and a half and shows clearly that no one was killed or injured.

On Thursday, an official from the media center of the Egyptian ministry of interior reported that a group of around 15 unidentified assailants approached the Three Pyramids Hotel in Haram Street and fired flares at security services deployed in the area.

Security forces responded in an attempt to disperse them, while one of the attackers fired his shotgun at the security personnel in front of the four-star hotel.

According to the ministry statement, security forces chased the perpetrators and managed to arrest one of them.

Damages were limited to the glass doors of the hotel and a bus, according to the Egyptian interior.