Japan plans to donate another $6 million to help thousands of people displaced by the civil war in Syria, the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday.

The amount adds to the $200 million donated by Japan last month and is to be spent on blankets, stoves and food for displaced Syrians who are suffering through an unusally cold winter.

The money is also expected to help the refugees who have crossed the border and are now taking shelter in Jordan, Turkey and Libya, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Japan will channel the aid through the World Food Program and five other international organizations.

According to data by Amnesty International, around four million people have fled Syria because of the civil war that began four years ago.

Shortly after Abe announced the initial aid of $200 million, the Islamic State, IS, jihadists demanded that Japan pay a similar amount in ransom for the lives of two Japanese hostages who were ultimately executed.

In the aftermath of the death of the hostages, Tokyo announced it would double its financial assistance to $15.3 million to strengthen the fight against terrorism in the Middle East and Africa in cooperation with other countries in the region.