efe-epaStrasbourg, France

The president of the European Commission was expected to propose an EU border and coast guard, as well as measures to ensure the euro gains ground against the dollar in international financial markets, during his final State of the Union address on Wednesday.

According to the draft, which EFE had access to, Jean-Claude Juncker will propose a European border police, which will provide support on the ground to national authorities.

On immigration, Juncker wants to reform the directive of returns of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin, which would be carried out with financial assistance from the EU.

The EC president will present measures to also make the euro a currency of international financial operations, which are currently carried out in dollars.

Juncker's speech, which he finished writing early Wednesday and will be delivered in English, French and German, is expected to last over an hour.

This will be the last State of the Union address by the veteran politician, who, without explicitly mentioning any European leader or party, was expected to discuss the harsh tones that have dominated recent political discussions, and the spread of hateful discourse.

Several right-leaning parties and movements have gained ground in elections across Europe, most recently in Sweden and Austria.

Other measures that will be discussed will be a free trade agreement between the EU and Africa, the move by the bloc to get rid of daylight savings time and new legislation to combat electoral manipulation.