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Two married police officers and their baby were gunned down in the parking lot of a shopping center in the Mexican Caribbean resort city of Cancun, the Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office said.

Maj. Julio Cesar Duran Cardenas and his wife, officer Alia Shagreel Lugo Leal, were off duty when they and their son were murdered at the Gran Plaza shopping center.

A group of gunmen attacked the couple around 8:00 pm Saturday, opening fire inside the crowded shopping center.

The officers, who worked for the AG's office, were pronounced dead at the scene, while the baby died after arrival at a hospital.

Unofficial reports said the baby was shot at least twice.

Hundreds of people were at the shopping center, which has movie theaters and shops, when the shooting started, sending patrons scrambling for cover.

The Gran Plaza's exits were closed and people inside the shopping center were prevented from leaving for security reasons.

Quintana Roo, home to some of Mexico's leading tourist destinations, has been plagued by a wave of drug-related violence in recent months, with officials blaming the spike in crime on a turf war pitting the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion against Los Zetas and other gangs.

On Jan. 17, gunmen attacked the Quintana Roo AG's office in Cancun, killing four people. The attack came days after five people died in a shootout at a club in Playa del Carmen.