A medical report has shown that a woman was raped by five men in Chile's capital, confirming the police report filed by her husband, prosecutor Mitzi Henriquez said Wednesday.

The victim was robbed and raped by five men wearing University of Chile soccer club jerseys, according to her husband's account.

"Her injuries confirm the police report," the prosecutor said, adding that "an investigation has been launched to identify the perpetrators."

The five men grabbed the victim at around 9 pm on April 29 outside the Ñuble metro station near downtown Santiago and took her against her will to a dark place where they raped her.

The woman remains hospitalized.

Henriquez said that the victim's statement would likely be taken in the next few days, depending on her recovery "from her physical injuries as well as the post-traumatic stress" she is suffering.

Security cameras in the area had shown a number of men and women wearing UC shirts because a soccer match had just ended at the nearby National Stadium, the prosecutor said.

Henriquez also said that witness statements were taken from people who were with the victim after the attack, who described the young woman's "shock and physical injuries."

Some local media have referred to this attack as the Chilean "Manada" ("Pack"), referring to a similar incident that took place in Spain, where a woman was raped by five men during the 2016 running of the bulls festival in Pamplona.

Those five Spanish men were sentenced last week to nine years each in prison for sexual abuse, a lesser crime than rape, sparking widespread protests criticizing the ruling.