EFEMexico City

The "No" vote won in a referendum over the weekend in Mexico City on the future of the Chapultepec Cultural Corridor, the Federal District Elections Institute, or IEDF, said.

A total of 22,370 voters cast ballots in Sunday's referendum and only 276 null ballots were received, the IEDF said in a statement.

Of the 22,370 residents of the borough of Cuauhtemoc who took part in the referendum, 14,201 voted "No" and 7,893 voted "Yes."

Some 454,000 registered voters in the borough of Cuauhtemoc were eligible to cast ballots in the referendum.

The IEDF will submit the certified results to Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera.

"We respect the results of the referendum on the Chapultepec Cultural Corridor project, in Mexico City we will continue strengthening citizen participation," Mancera, who is on a trip to Paris, said in a Twitter post.

Mexico City's government had planned to build an elevated cultural corridor over the centrally located Chapultepec avenue with about 1 billion pesos ($60.5 million) in private investment.

The project, which was to have broken ground in September and been completed in 18 months, would have covered 61,297 sq. meters (658,930 sq. feet), of which 23,300 sq. meters (250,470 sq. feet) was to be dedicated to green space and cultural offerings, with the rest consisting of walkways.

Plans called for the elevated corridor to have movie theaters, art galleries, spaces for artists, music and literary training centers, and cultural workshops, officials said.

Residents opposed the project, questioning how it fit into the area and the benefits it would provide.