efe-epaErbil, Iraq

Iraqi pro-government militias said that they repelled on Monday two attacks by the Islamic State terror organization in the Nineveh desert, west of the city of Mosul, and killed seven of its fighters, as well as shot down one of their drones.

In a statement, Brigade 33 of the Popular Mobilization Forces detailed that at least seven IS fighters were killed, including two suicide bombers, after they assaulted militia in that desert southwest of Mosul, which until recently was the main stronghold of the IS in Iraq.

Also, the note said that the PMF destroyed a vehicle carrying arms belonging to the radical group, while three other vehicles managed to flee the area where the confrontations took place.

Brigade 11 explained in a statement that its men destroyed six IS vehicles when they were about to attack a militia position in the al-Hadar area, also west of Mosul, but did not give details of any casualties in the extremist ranks.

Meanwhile, Brigade 28 of the PMF managed to shoot down an IS drone near the Tel Sufuk area, located on the Iraq-Syrian border.