The French journalist who founded the online platform EURACTIV said Thursday in the Brazilian capital that one of the antidotes to "fake news" is "more and better" journalism.

Christophe Leclercq participated in a seminar organized by Brazil and the European Union to analyze ways to counter disinformation and the spread of fake news ahead of this country's October presidential election.

The creator of the first platform dedicated to intense coverage of EU affairs said that fighting disinformation must always avoid going so far as to become censorship.

Leclercq said that one of the key issues is to improve the "capacity of identifying what is fake," both among readers and among journalists.

"Social media is like a teenager who must still prove his worth" because of the ease with which fake news is spread, he said.

Leclercq said that media outlets, whether traditional or online, are "capitalist firms that are very sensible," because if they "lose the public's confidence, they lose a lot of money," which is why they have generally agreed to help fight the spread of fake news and give their contents more credibility and transparency.