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At least 336 people died and more than 12 million have been affected so far this month due to floods and heavy rains that hit India, Nepal and Bangladesh, authorities said Monday.

India has been most affected by the monsoon rains with at least 172 dead, most of them due to landslides and floods, according to the latest government data.

During the last 24 hours in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh at least 37 people died and another 18 were injured, state police manager Mohammad Arif said.

A report from the government of the state of Assam, in the northeast, stated that there were 63 deaths during the last two weeks, half of them occurred last weekend, and around three million people affected.

In the city of Mumbai, the financial capital of the country on the west coast, 172 people died, in most cases due to collapsed buildings caused by the rains.

More than 10 million people across the country have been affected, almost half of them children, according to data from the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef).

In neighbouring Nepal, the government has reported the deaths of 90 people and around 70,000 other Nepalese victims of the floodwaters.

The country’s Department of Hydrology and Meteorology reported that the rains could continue in some areas of the country.

Devastating rains also hit the neighboring state of Bangladesh, where at least 14 people have died in the last 24 hours, adding to the 60 already killed in the last two weeks.

There were also 800,000 people affected throughout the country, according to data from the Bangladeshi government.

These kinds of meteorological incidents are common in southern Asia at the time of the most intense monsoon rains, between July and August, when they usually cause hundreds of deaths and millions of affected in the region. EFE-EPA