EFESydney, Australia

Australia's prime minister said Tuesday he would not discuss his Canberra's recent cancellation of a submarine contract with a French company with the country's President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly this week.

"That is not an opportunity for that at this time. I'm sure that opportunity will come in time," Scott Morrison said upon his arrival in New York City, in reference to France's response to the abrupt cancellation of the submarine deal which it has described as "treason" and led to the recall of its ambassadors to the United States and Australia.

"But right now, I understand the disappointment, and they're working through the consultations with their Ambassador who's returned to Paris and we will be patient about that," he added.

The Australian leader's position contrasts with that of US President Joe Biden, who has asked to speak with Macron about the dispute.