EFEBy David Blanco Bonilla Lima

The enigma of the "quipus," the complex system of knotted cords of different colors used in the Andes in pre-Hispanic times, has been investigated by US researcher Manuel Medrano, for whom the use of mathematics and digital resources is helping to get ever-closer to deciphering the quipu code.

Medrano has published "Quipus. Mil años de historia anudada en los Andes y su futuro digital" (Quipus. 1,000 years of knotted history in the Andes and its digital future), a book produced in Lima, Peru, by Planeta and in which he offers an historical synthesis and an up-to-date discussion of academic knowledge on the knot system, which - his research reveals - consists of a series of "genres" that go beyond merely a system for counting or recording quantities.