efe-epaNew York City, USA

New Yorkers on Sunday underwent the third consecutive day enduring the highest temperatures in a decade, seeking relief at jam-packed beaches and swimming pools located throughout the five boroughs, as well as in air-conditioned public centers.

The excessive use of air conditioners also led to power outages in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island that left thousands without electricity over the weekend.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled several public events and alerted residents on his Twitter account that “it’s still above 90 and I know there are a lot of hot and frustrated people out there, not just in Brooklyn but in parts of Queens and the Bronx.”

The city extended the opening hours of public swimming pools as people formed long lines to enter those places.

"Temperatures will hit 97 degrees (36 degree Celsius) today, with a heat index of 110 (43 degrees Celsius)," the City of New York's Twitter account announced earlier in the day.

The high temperatures forced the cancellation of several outdoor events including the New York Triathlon – which for the first time could not be held in its 18th edition – two music festivals on Coney Island and in Central Park, as well as the Summerstage concerts normally held every weekend in summer.

New York’s Saratoga race course canceled all horse races on Saturday – the first time since 2006 a racing event had to be scuppered because of extreme heat – as were several popular street markets that normally occupy the streets on Sundays.

New York had opened 500 public buildings equipped with air conditioners since Friday, including centers for the elderly, where people could go if necessary to deal with the suffocating heat.