Nicaraguan police shooting their guns broke into several Managua neighborhoods on Monday where the locals had raised barricades amid a crisis that has taken at least 139 lives in protests against President Daniel Ortega.

Armed with AK-47 assault rifles, dozens of cops stormed a number of Managua neighborhoods between the downtown area and the city's east side.

For now, the demonstrators have not reported any dead or injured as a result of the attack.

Hours before in Las Maderas, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Managua, the National Police and pro-government paramilitaries attacked farm hands who were keeping the highway blocked in protest against Ortega.

The protesters of Las Maderas reported at least two deaths and five people injured during the police onslaught.

Blockades like those in Las Maderas have been installed in at least 126 points around Nicaragua, according to the demonstrators.

In Boaco, protesters reported burns on their skin from being sprayed with acid, something denied by pro-government groups on Sunday night.

Meanwhile the Catholic diocese of Matagalpa in northern Nicaragua reported Sunday that a group of paramilitaries pointed an AK-47 rifle at the Rev. Vicente Martinez of Dario City and threatened him with the words "we're going to kill you because your sermons are poison."

This Monday is the 55th day of Nicaragua's bloodiest sociopolitical crisis since the 1980s.

The protests against Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, began on April 18 as a reaction to some abortive social security reforms and turned into a demand for their resignation after 11 years in power, with accusations of abuse and corruption.