North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called on his country to prepare "for both dialogue and confrontation" with the United States, during a speech at a plenary meeting of the sole political party, state media reported Friday.

Kim opted for this strategy in response to "the policy tendency of the newly emerged US administration" headed by President Joe Biden, during the third plenary session of the Workers' Party held on Thursday, according to KCNA news agency.

This was the first time Kim has directly alluded to possible talks with Washington since the coming to power of Biden, whose government is committed to an intermediate path to that of previous US administrations and pursues dialogue through phases to reignite conversations stalled since 2019.

"The General Secretary [Kim] stressed the need to get prepared for both dialogue and confrontation, especially to get fully prepared for confrontation in order to protect the dignity of our state and its interests for independent development and to reliably guarantee the peaceful environment and the security of our state," KCNA reported.