More than 100,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe since January, including 97,000 through Greece, while the rest entered through Italy, the International Organization for Migration, or IOM, announced on Tuesday in a statement.

"Over 413 migrants and refugees have also lost their lives during the same period, with the Eastern Mediterranean route between Turkey and Greece continuing to be the deadliest, accounting for 321 migrant deaths," the statement said.

According to IOM, "an estimated 42,861 migrants have reached the Greek islands so far in February 2016" and the Greek authorities said that they were mainly "Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians and Pakistanis" while the others came from "Morocco, Bangladesh and Somalia."

"Between February 11-17, IOM estimates that some 7,286 refugees crossed from Greece into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia," according to the statement.

"Meanwhile in Italy, following several days with no arrivals mainly due to rough seas, a total of 940 migrants were rescued in one day (22/2) in the channel of Sicily," the note indicated.

"We are still registering the arrival of many vulnerable migrants, who are often in very bad condition, having been subjected to violence by smugglers in Libya," Flavio Di Giacomo, IOM Italy spokesperson, said.

"We are also still seeing many women victims of trafficking - an alarming trend already registered in 2015," Di Giacomo added.

While the number of refugees and migrants in Greece has significantly increased compared to a year earlier, the situation in Italy seems stable.

The United Nations Agency for Refugees estimates that some 90 percent of those arriving through the Mediterranean are fleeing war and persecution, and therefore are eligible for refugee status.