More than 110,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Greece through the Mediterranean since the start of November, the International Organization for Migration, or IOM, confirmed on Friday.

The decrease in arrivals last weekend was only temporary, as 3,516 people arrived on Tuesday and 5,140 on Wednesday.

According to IOM, the sharp decrease in the number of arrivals witnessed last weekend, with only 155 arrivals on Sunday and 336 on Monday, has now reversed and numbers have again picked up.

IOM Greece's Early Warning Information Sharing System, which tracks migrant flows in collaboration with IOM in the Western Balkans, estimates during November some 105,000 people have left Greece for Macedonia.

Syrians, Afghans and Iraqi nationals continue to cross Greece's border with Macedonia without significant delays, but other nationalities are being turned back.

Iranian migrants are conducting a hunger strike as a protest at the border.

On Thursday afternoon migrants, mainly from Morocco and Algeria, rioted against Macedonian authorities.

Several managed to cross the border but were immediately caught and returned to Greece, according to IOM staffer Nikos Kyfonidis.