North Korea on Saturday kept up its usual war rhetoric against the United States in its official media, despite its supreme leader's invitation to the US President for a meeting, which has not been mentioned yet in any North Korean state media outlet.

Official North Korean daily, Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the ruling Workers' Party, on Saturday carried an opinion piece which lashed out at the latest US sanctions and said the country would not bow down to pressure by Washington.

The article said that North Korea would not let the US "determine good and evil" according to their leader and "trample upon justice and truth."

The piece also said that the latest sanctions - announced by Washington on March 7 - against the regime for the alleged use of chemical weapons in 2017 to assassinate Kim Jong-nam (the half-brother of Kim Jong-un), were "very dangerous" and "might provoke a war."

The text further said that Pyongyang would not bow down to the military power, sanctions and blockades of Washington.

No North Korean media outlet has reported the announcement made by the South Korean delegation that met Kim in Pyongyang this week, which said that the North Korean leader had offered to hold a meeting about denuclearization with US President Donald Trump.

Although Trump almost immediately accepted the offer to hold a meeting in May, on Friday the White House tried to tone down the hype and said that the meeting would not take place without "concrete actions" by Pyongyang that prove its will to abandon nuclear arms.

If the encounter materializes, it would be the first meeting between leaders of North Korea and the US and come after almost 70 years of confrontation that began with the Korean War (1950-53) and 25 years of failed negotiations and tensions due to Pyongyang's nuclear program.