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China has won praises from a group of 37 countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for its human rights record and its handling of the situation in the restive Xinjiang region, state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

According to a Xinhua reports, the ambassadors of these countries sent a joint letter to the President of the UN Human Rights Council and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to show their support for China.

“The past three years have seen not a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang and people there enjoy a stronger sense of happiness, fulfillment and security," the letter said.

The other countries who have signed the letter are Egypt, Argelia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Angola, Togo, Tajikistan, the Philippines and Belarus.

According to the Chinese government, Xinjiang - a neighboring region to Central Asia and culturally linked to the villages of this region - has seen terrorist activities in the last few decades, which led President Xi Jinping to implement a strong security plan three years ago.

The plan includes creation of "re-education camps" that, according to the government, are "vocational training centers" to educate people influenced by religious extremism.

But according to the human rights organizations, these are concentration camps for nearly a million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in the region.

“Faced with the grave challenge of terrorism and extremism, China has undertaken a series of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures in Xinjiang, including setting up vocational education and training centers," the letter reads.

“We commend China's remarkable achievements in the field of human rights by adhering to the people-centered development philosophy and protecting and promoting human rights through development.”

The letter opposes the stance taken by the international community in expressing its concerns over arbitrary detentions, monitoring and other violations against the Uighurs and other minorities.

“We appreciate China's commitment to openness and transparency. China has invited a number of diplomats, international organizations officials and journalist to Xinjiang to witness the progress of the human rights cause and the outcomes of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization there," the letter said.

The ambassadors have urged that the document be included in the 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council that ended this Friday in Geneva.

The letter comes days after another group of 22 countries, including Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, made a UN Human Rights joint declaration, raising concerns and urging China to allow significant access to independent international observers in Xinjiang.

On June 25, and as the part of the 41st UNHRC session, China defended its actions and justified its fight against terrorism and invited the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to visit the region.