Nicaragua's ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front party was leading in at least 148 of the country's 153 municipalities following local elections, according official preliminary results announced early Monday.

With votes from 33.62 percent of the polling stations counted after Sunday's elections, the Sandinistas were in an advantageous position in the country's 15 provinces and two autonomous regions, Supreme Electoral Council head Roberto Rivas told the press.

The SNLF, led by President Daniel Ortega, who was elected for his fourth term - his third consecutive one - in November last year, has secured 78.82 percent of the votes (472,328 of a total 599,177 votes), according to official preliminary data.

The Constitutionalist Liberal Party, leading in three municipalities, secured 66,335 votes or 11.07 percent of the total.

In the capital Managua, the candidate of the ruling SNLF, Reyna Rueda, won the mayor's office by an overwhelming majority, according to the preliminary results.

Rueda has won 87.33 percent of the votes with counting done in 1,538 polling stations (66.8 percent) of a total of 2,302 in Managua, the president of the Supreme Electoral Council told a press conference.