efe-epaOsaka, Japan

Tight security measures were being enforced in the Japanese city of Osaka on Wednesday ahead of the G20 summit during which tens of thousands of policemen are expected to be deployed.

The summit on Friday and Saturday will be held at a convention center located on an island in Osaka Bay, although several leaders such as United States President Donald Trump will stay in hotels in other parts of the city.

Never in its history has Osaka — Japan's second most populated city with 19 million inhabitants, after Tokyo — been subject to stricter security measures.

Two days ahead of the gathering on Wednesday, the waterfront area surrounding the convention center was barricaded by the police, with only accredited people being permitted to enter, as seen by EFE while touring the facilities and surrounding areas.

Businesses near the center were shut, and access to a nearby metro station will also be closed off during this period.

According to official data, around 32,000 officers will be in charge of security.

Notices put up inside the metro in Osaka recommended against people using private vehicles during this period, to limit movement outdoors, and to use public transport only as necessary.

Local media have reported people flocking to supermarkets to stock up on supplies ahead of the summit.

Hundreds of schools will remain closed on Thursday and Friday, and several streets will be closed due to the movement of dignitaries.

The authorities had earlier announced that garbage dumps will be sealed in many parts of the city, and public lockers, widely used by the Japanese - especially in metro stations, will not be available.