efe-epaValencia, Spain

The Italian coast guard ship Datillo, carrying 274 migrants rescued by the Aquarius charity-run vessel, docked in the Spanish port of Valencia early Sunday.

A cruise ship dock in the Port of Valencia has been prepared to receive 630 migrants traveling aboard three ships: the Dattilo, the Aquarius, and the Italian Navy ship Orione.

The Aquarius and the Orione were expected in port later in the morning.

Two Civil Guard boats accompanied the Dattilo to the port, where health officials were on hand to offer support to people on board, comprising 182 men, 32 women with one being pregnant, and 60 unaccompanied minors - 52 of them girls and eight boys.

Once the disembarkation is completed, the Red Cross will take care of the initial medical care of the passengers in a tent installed next to the area, and will refer them onwards depending on the condition of each individual.

The Aquarius has on board most of the people considered most vulnerable, such as pregnant women, children and people with burns.