efe-epaValencia (Spain)

Police in eastern Spain on Tuesday arrested two Syrian nationals suspected of spreading extremist Islamist propaganda online, the interior ministry said.

According to a statement, the pair, aged 55 and 58, were arrested near Valencia and Alicante respectively, and could face charges of belonging and collaborating with a terror organization as well as promoting acts of terror and indoctrination.

"One of the detained was a member of several private instant messaging groups administered by members of Daesh (the Islamic State terror organization)," the ministry said. "The detainees demonstrated a high-level of indoctrination into groups like Daesh and Al-Qaiada. Each of the detainees showed a preference for one of the two terrorist organizations," it added.

Police said one of the detainees had a high-rank within the group dedicated to publishing gory IS propaganda accompanied by statements inciting violence.