The Taiwanese president on Friday stressed that the United States was her country's most important partner and expressed gratitude for its support for the island's participation in the World Health Organization.

During a meeting with the US envoy James Moriarty, Tsai Ing-wen outlined areas _ including defense, trade and humanitarian aid _ in which she hoped for greater bilateral cooperation with Washington.

Taiwan hoped for greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism and in fostering public health, digital economy, humanitarian aid and protection of women's rights, said Tsai, according to the Taiwanese Presidential Office.

The island also seeks greater strategic cooperation in areas such as regional security, Tsai added.

Specifically, Tsai promised to support the humanitarian efforts of the US in the Middle East, increase buying of US arms, and greater cooperation in projects such as construction of submarines.

Moriarty, on his part, reaffirmed US commitment towards Taiwan and said that relations were based on mutual friendship and the Taiwan Relations Act, 1979, which includes a promise by the US to supply defensive weapons to the island.