efe-epaShanghai, China

At least 88,000 people have been evacuated from Shanghai and its surrounding areas while more than 100 flights have been canceled ahead of Typhoon Jongdari, which is expected cause heavy rainfall on Friday.

The Chinese aviation authorities said at least 151 flights scheduled for departure from the two Shanghai airports - Hongqiao and Pudong - were canceled and air traffic control issued a red alert reducing arrivals and departures in the morning by nearly 70 percent.

The Shanghai weather office raised the typhoon alert to yellow on Thursday - the third- highest in its four-tier warning system.

The coastal districts of Jinshan, Chongming, Fengxian and Pudong New Area issued the second-highest orange alert.

Shanghai Mayor Yin Yong said that Jongdari could strike more harshly than Typhoon Ampil which had led to the evacuation of 220,000 people two weeks ago, without causing major damage.

Around 88,000 people had been evacuated by Thursday night to temporary shelters.

The Jinshan-Shanghai rail service along with water transport services in the Chongming and Pudong New Area districts remained suspended.

The city transport authorities have mobilized 840 buses to operate on temporary routes in case of the suspension of metro services which are currently moving slowly.

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has ordered schools to suspend all outdoor and summer activities while more than 100 parks in the city have been closed.