Thousands of sympathizers of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro marched this Monday in Caracas to express their support in the wake of a failed attack that the head of state blamed on Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos.

The march, called by the ruling leftist PSUV party and promoted on state television, set out from the downtown area of the Venezuelan capital on its way to the presidential palace of Miraflores, where Maduro was expected to give a speech.

The speaker of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, accused members of the political opposition of attacking the head of state and reproached them for not condemning it.

"We ask the sectors of the right to think a little before they act, before they keep quiet about an incident like this, which could have shaken the foundations of this country, of this entire continent, just because of a small group's ambition to seize power," he said.

Cabello, deputy leader of the PSUV, hailed the "response of the people" who, he said, "have come once again into the streets to win the peace and tranquility of the country...to condemn the violence of all those demonstrations."

Maduro interrupted a military event Saturday in downtown Caracas after several drones carrying explosives blew up near the presidential platform, the government said.

Six people have been detained as a result of the incident, while a group calling itself Soldiers in T-shirts has claimed responsibility for what happened.

Four hours later, Maduro blamed the incident on the president of Colombia, who subsequently denied the accusation.