Thousands of protesters packed the streets of Berlin on Saturday to voice their support for agricultural reform that would protect against the over-industrialization of the farming sector and end the use of glyphosates in herbicides.

Under placards emblazoned with "we are fed up," the dense crowds of activists and farmers marched on the Brandenburg gate in a what was a huge show of support for healthy produce and improved working conditions in the agricultural industry in an event that coincided with International Green Week, which was being hosted by the German capital.

The protests were organized by some 50 different environmentalist groups and featured a column of tractors as the march snaked its way through to Berlin's political heart.

Many protesters would like to see an end to the use of glyphosates in herbicides, following the European Union's decision to extend its permit in a recent vote.

Critics of glyphosate have said it is possibly carcinogenic, although scientists and researchers remained split on the matter.

Others called for agricultural policies that benefit small, ecological and family-run farms.

Representatives from the Greens and the Left parties attended the rally.