Typhoon Maria left Taiwan on Wednesday after making landfall the previous day, killing one and injuring three more with 55,000 households left without electricity, according to official data.

The storm affected mainly the north of the island, which was paralyzed by the precautionary measures announced by the government prior to the disaster.

A man died as he fell onto the street while trying to close a window in New Taipei, according to broadcaster TVBS.

In addition, strong winds and rains caused by Typhoon Maria as well as the subsequent floods wounded three people and saw 3,430 people evacuated from the affected area.

At least 55,000 households were also left without electricity, according to data from the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction of Taiwan.

Typhoon Maria has now landed in China's southeastern province of Fujian with winds up of 172 kilometers per hour, according to the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan.

The typhoon on Tuesday also disrupted Taipei's subway services and road traffic when the government ordered schools and businesses to halt their activities at 4:00 pm (0800 GMT).

Schools and businesses remain closed on Wednesday in northern Taiwan, except Taipei. Over 600 flights have been cancelled and several train services temporarily suspended.