efe-epaGeneva, (Switzerland,) Jun 18

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday presented his global report during the inaugural session, in Geneva, of the Human Rights Council.

He recommended, among other issues, the creation of international commissions to investigate Nicaraguan political violence and Venezuelan Human Rights violations.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein, called for the creation of international commissions to investigate political violence which in Nicaragua have killed at least 178 persons and another commission to investigate Venezuela's alleged Human Rights violation's after president Maduro ignored repeated requests for an inquest.

Regarding the Nicaraguan issue, UN High Commissioner Zeid deplored nearly all Nicaraguan victims killed had died "almost entirely at the hands of police forces and armed pro-government groups, including allegedly the use of snipers, with at least 1500 people wounded(...)and a horrific arson attack two days ago."

The UN diplomat added the number of Nicaraguan wounded had risen to over 1500, without taking into consideration political abductions and disappearances.

The UN High Commissioner expressed his confidence the June 15th agreement would reopen the dialogue which government and opposition have committed themselves to, calling for "all violence and intimidation to cease immediately."

Commissioner Zeid's office also requested Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega to urgently authorize a visit by UN rapporteurs after prior requests were refused. "This invitation should be sent without delay " he stressed.

Nicaragua is living one of its most violent political crisis since the 80's when Ortega was also president.

The political protests against the Nicaraguan leader, who has remained in power 11 years, and his vice-presidential wife, Rosario Murillo, erupted Apr 18 after a failed reform of the National Health service evolved into a demand for their resignation, accused of abuse and corruption.

The UN High Commissioner also referred to Venezuela: "We strongly encourage the Human Rights Council to set-up an investigation committee." Zeid also lamented the repeated denial by President Maduro's government authorizing a direct evaluation by an investigation committee."

"Due to the seriousness and extent of human rights violations in Venezuela and the ongoing refusal to allow access to my office we should continue a remote viewing of the situation."