Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez announced this Tuesday that he has been diagnosed as having a lung nodule with characteristics that could signify malignancy, for which he will be hospitalized in the coming days.

"As part of the medical exam I take on a regular and periodic basis, I recently had a tomographic study done that proved the existence of a right-lung nodule with very pronounced characteristics of malignancy," the Uruguayan president said.

In that regard, Vazquez, who said that despite the discovery he feels in good health and has not noticed any symptoms at all, must undergo complementary tests in order to get a "definitive diagnosis," prognosis, and a definition of what treatments he must undergo.

The respected oncologist by profession, who served his first term as president of Uruguay between 2005-2010, added that all the analyses and treatments that he must have will be done in his own country because Uruguay has "an excellent medical corps," cutting-edge technology and is "among the world's leading countries in the medical attention it provides."

According to the president, until he got his diagnosis this Tuesday he had no knowledge of any problems with his health.

Vazquez, who has gone a number of days without appearing in public, lost his wife Maria Auxiliadora Delgado last July 31.

When Vazquez made his announcement to the public this Tuesday from the Executive Tower of Montevideo, he was accompanied by a large part of his Cabinet, military commanders and the country's Vice President Lucia Topolansky.

All of them looked on with serious expressions as the president spoke about his medical tests.

Despite the announcement, the president of the South American country said nothing about resigning, so that for now he will remain as head of the government. He is scheduled to hand over the presidential sash on March 1, 2020.

"From now on I'll be a patient and everything to do with changes in the diagnosis, in the prognosis and whatever it is I have to do will be in the hands of the doctor of the presidency, who will be in permanent contact with all of you," Vazquez said. EFE-EPA fa/cd