The United States told Honduras Friday that countries seeking to establish or expand relations with China could end up disappointed.

The warning comes after El Salvador decided earlier this week to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which the Chinese government considers a rebel province.

"Countries seeking to establish or expand relations with China may be disappointed in the long run," US Ambassador to Honduras Heide Fulton tweeted.

"It's important for the Honduran people to evaluate who has been, and will continue to be, a close, steadfast partner in seeking an ever-improving future for this promising country," she added, echoing the message from the White House.

On Thursday, Washington said it would reassess its ties with El Salvador following its decision to break ties with Taiwan in favor of China.

"(San Salvador severing ties) is a decision that affects not only El Salvador, but also the welfare of the economy and security of the entire region of the Americas," White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Thursday.

"Throughout the world, governments are realizing that China's economic incentives facilitate economic dependence and domination, not joint work," she said, adding that the US would continue to oppose Chinese political interference in the Western Hemisphere.

Honduras is one of only 17 nations that maintain official ties with Taipei and not with Beijing.