EFEBy Macarena Soto Soldeu, Andorra

The issue of Covid-19 vaccine availability took center stage at the latest Ibero-American Summit on Wednesday, with heads of state and government and other representatives of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Europe and the Americas speaking as one voice for equitable and universal access to the shots.

Venezuela was the other main focal point of the one-day gathering, which took place Wednesday in the landlocked Iberian microstate of Andorra in a semi-attendance format.

The summit was due to take place in November of last year but was postponed due to the pandemic.

Andorra proposed a reduced format, with only four other delegations attending in person - Spain and Portugal, due to their geographical proximity, as well as Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, the host of the previous summit in 2018 and the next one in 2022, respectively.