Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez announced Thursday that Caracas agreed to expand upon plans to cooperate with the United Nations to acquire medications, which are extremely scarce in the South American nation during its present crisis.

"We're going to expand this cooperation, via the strategic fund and rotating fund, to acquire medicines in different areas (and to) consolidate and improve the supply of medicines in our country," Rodriguez said in remarks broadcast by state-run VTV television.

Rodriguez, accompanied by representatives of UN multilateral entities at the Miraflores presidential palace, said that the Venezuelan government intends to "strengthen" its human rights model.

"We've also addressed mechanisms such as the procurement of medicines at really very accessible prices and how Venezuela has made use of these mechanisms," she said.

The Venezuelan official said that a technical committee had been set up - with international cooperation and technical assistance - "to defeat that media lie that is trying to sell a humanitarian crisis with a single objective, which is intervention in our country."

She also said that the Nicolas Maduro government is evaluating mechanisms to strengthen its food programs that, she noted, have been recognized by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization.

"We're working for the country and we're also doing it not to submit ... to the pressure from the imperial centers of power that are trying to roll back the rights of the Venezuelan people," Rodriguez said after reiterating that the Caribbean country is experiencing an "economic war," which she blamed on businessmen and the political opposition.

The opposition MUD alliance - within its dialogue with the government - has asked that a humanitarian channel be opened to alleviate the country's food and medicine crisis, among other demands.

Although the negotiations have entered a review phase due to the government's alleged noncompliance with the agreements made to date, some opposition spokesmen have suggested that Caracas promised to take action this month to improve the supply and distribution of medicines.